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  1. The ecu has been fitted to the car for a wile and had another engine previous. This statistics are old. It hasn’t made that rpm or air temp or map with us running it. No trigger errors at all. Very confusing.
  2. Map limit is set to 320kpa. Map sensor is built in on board 4 bar that comes on the link xtream ecu. Not tried a manual controller no as we have control. Just can’t go over 1.1 bar of boost or it’s like there is a cut. But there are no limits set that low.
  3. Ok. So had some time on this evo today. And done a few changes. Changed the dwell of the coils to 2.5ms. Set the gearchange duty cycle table to 0. Checked the fuel pressure and fitted new plugs gapped to 0.5mm. All ok and running well.... however. Now if we try and adjust the boost up the car has the same problem that it had before of that bogging down and cutting. We cannot get it to run anymore than 1.1 bar or boost. It made good power at this. However cannot work out why we cannot run anymore boost. Fuel and ignition are good. Why can we not run anymore boost ? I have attached a photo of the run we managed to achieve. Any ideas as to what’s causing the issue guys ?
  4. The guy bought the car with the ecu fitted. And a blown engine. He supplied a new engine turbo etc and we installed in. It is annoying that lambda isn’t on there or fuel pressure. However when on the dyno we are running a wideband so can see what it’s doing and it’s ok. I do agree I need to perform a fuel pressure test to be sure it’s ok. When it happens the lambda reading goes rich - lean - rich - lean and then carry’s on smooth. Also we have 0 trigger errors so I ruled that out.
  5. I understand that. However this makes sense as to why we have no boost control. Any ideas yourself of what it could be causing the issue ?
  6. Ahh ok! So it’s applying 100% wastegate duty cycle all the time. Regardless of wastgate table! This could well be the issue! Why the hell would it be set to that as standard. We don’t have the gears wired in. So I can set this to 0 and just use the wastgate table.
  7. Ok so fuel starvation. I will hook up a fuel pressure gauge and check it. Customer told me it has a walbro unrated pump in there. But needs checking. I also read somewhere last night that the evos have a restrictor on the return line in the tank and it messes up the fuel pressure. So will have to check that also.
  8. Hi thanks for your reply. So you was receiving low fuel pressure at this point due to the pump ? I have not removed the pump to check it what was the issue with your pump ?
  9. Hi Adam. Sorry forgot to mention that. The engine fitted is an evo 8 “block and head” have tried the trigger settings on both 1-6 and 7-9 and it’s exactly the same.
  10. Hi guys we have a evo 4 at work that has a weird issue that i just cant seem to find. the car has a link g4 plugin ecu. its a built motor etc gt45 turbo. loaded up base map and just checking basics ie injectors and coils boost solenoid valve etc all working ok. car starts and runs ok good idle. run it on the dyno to set up the fueling all fine. until it hits 4000rpm. and then the car just splutters like its hitting a limit of some sort. if i attempt a power run it starts fine then as soon as it hits 4000 the power just drops off does the splutter business and then builds up again. its not missfiring at all. i have logged it and uploaded the file. if you look you can see 100% throttle and 4000 you see the map goes up and down and this is the point its doing it. have also tried at lower throttle but as soon as it hits the 4000rpm it does it.. i have checked map limit. all correction tables etc. it sounds like antilag/launch is the best way i can describe it. it isnt mapped yet as want to find out what this is before anything else. as cant even get a run out of it with it doing this. i have also uploaded the map incase i am missing something. i am using a plex knock monitor and am not getting any knock either. have also disconected the boost solenoid and run direct from the turbo to the external waste gate to eleminate this and it still does the exact same thing. also has brand new plugs in gapped correctly. has an uprated fuel pump and injectors. the customer doesnt want massive power out of this so its not like we are ringing its neck. if you have a look at the log we are only get at around 0.7 bar of boost. any ideas guys ? as i said scratching my head evo base map.pclr Log 2018-12-20 11;38;58 am.llg
  11. The vehicle has an apexi soloniod. Looks identical to a Mac valve. Can check what is connected to NC AND NO tomorrow tho.
  12. Hi guys got a customers car at work that we have just built the engine for. It’s a evo 4. Running a link g4 plugin ecu. Turbo is a gtx35. With tial external waste gate and 3 port boost controller. Engine is fully built etc. The car starts and runs fine. Some fine tuning needed but no real problems. The problems come when boosting! So I had it on the dyno setting the fuelling sites and then as it got onto boost it’s like it his it’s map limit and just stuttered. Until I let off. So I tested the boost solenoid and it is clicking fine. So checked the boost control table again and had it set ok. But upped it a bit just incase. Same again. So put it back. Map limit set to 320kpa. Run it again and seemed ok 40% throttle fine. 42% throttle full uncontrollable boost! So played with the boost control but soon realised that no matter what I entered into the table it has no effect on the actual boost control!! The wastgate is plumbed in as follows. Turbo nipple to T-piece one side of t piece off to soloniod and the other off to the wastgate. And then the other side of the soloniod to the wastegate. Same as the photo attached however our middle “com” port is vented to atmosphere. Anyone have any ideas or can point me in any kind of direction ? It is so aggressive that we can’t even get a run on the dyno as it is literally ON or OFF
  13. hi guys i have a log attached of my car idleing. want some advice please. the car idles rough and jumps all over the place. mechanicalt it is fine i just cant seem to figure out why it wont idle smooth! the engine is a built cosworth yb engine. siemens dekka 875cc injectors. coil on plug conversion. bd14 inlet and exhaust cams 8.1 compression ratio. link monsoon ecu. just want it to idle smooth but its all over the place! help please! rough idle.zip
  14. For anyone who has this same issue. i cut the live wire feed for thr can lambda and run a new wire direct from the battery and it works perfectly thanks adam.
  15. hi. so my can lambda running on my monsoon ecu was working fine. was running a log and it just stopped reading! so run a log to record it and i am getting error 16 heated too long. also error 33 open circuit APE-IPE and 34 open circuit RE-IPE and its cycling between these 3 faults. can anbody shed any light on what is going on here!! i have checked the sensor and the wiring visually and everything looks good. no loose wires pins etc any help would be much appreciated! thanks. luke. Log 2018-10-21 12;22;31 pm.llg
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