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  1. Thanks, I was thinking it was a little close too. When running it up o temperature we discovered the new cam seal was leaking on my new engine so we'll be sure make that adjustment during reassembly. We're scheduled with the tuner at the dyno in a couple weeks so I'll post an update then. Thanks for all your help. I'm impressed with the product and support. J
  2. It's running! It's running rich, but it's running. Next is a session with the professional tuner via the internet, then in person at the dyno. I've attached a couple of pictures from the trigger scope for you review. Thank you, Jeff
  3. Yes it is, Thank you. Your help is very much appreciated.. Jeff
  4. Thank you, whatever help you can offer would be appreciated. Jeff BMW M20B29 Stroker Tune.pclr
  5. Ok, the coils work fine and the engine will run, but the base fuel table (fuel table 1) is off. I have independant throttle bodies so the load axis is set to TP (main) and it might run at a very low idle and eventually dies. If I change the load axis to MGP the engine starts and immediately revs up to the 3000 rpm rev limit protection threshold I setup. What part am I missing, I thought the program gathered all the engine parameters and gave you numbers you could start with???
  6. It does, I just don't have a picture of it. The guy who did the woring harmess and is more familliar with all of this showed me a picture/screenshot of it.
  7. I think it was early in the day and before we got the timing sorted out. We were getting a better signal on it later. Is this the correct polarity? Both are reluctor-type sensors.
  8. Does the attached trigger scope picture look okay?
  9. Thanks, I'll double-check that tomorrow. I really appreciate all the help. Jeff
  10. We're using AcDelco C1512 coils. Does that still apply? Thanks
  11. Yes, it's showing RPM on trigger 1 when cranking. Trigger 1 on the crank looked fine, but there was barely a signal on the cam sensor (trigger 2). Once you pointed out the different M50 sensors (thanks BTW) the only one I could get my hands on yesterday was used one off of an early E36 and it was in rough shape. I have to put the toy away for a few days anyway and the wiring guy is free from his race team schedule for a few day so he's going to wire in the new connectors. Once that's done I'll get a new trigger scope reading and check it all again with new sensors. I've attached the logs that I have, but I don't know if there's anything to look at. Thanks Trigger Scope Log 2019-03-6 10;36;10 am.llg Trigger Scope Log 2019-03-5 2;11;16 pm.llg Log 2019-02-26 2;31;36 pm.llg
  12. Even though the ECU is acknowledging the sensors now, I'm not convinced the cam sensor is giving an acceptable signal so I'm going to replace it with a new one next week. The trigger-scope was not logical and the sensor I had available was old and brittle. In an earlier reply it was suggested to use a Trigger Offset of -97, but honestly I don't fully understand how all that works, so we'll try again after we replace the sensors. The other odd thing is though we get a positive thest on the ignition coils when my mechanic tries to use his timing light it's not working. I don't know what's up with that, he says the gun was working the last time he used it. He's not a computer guy, he says he's "the wrench."
  13. That took care of that problem, thank you. Now to figure out the whole ignition/injector timing thing. Still can't get it to run.
  14. The one I have has no "titty." I guess that settles that, I'll have to figure out which one I'm supposed to have. I wasn't aware there were different ones. Thank you very much for the info. Jeff
  15. It’s a BMW M50 position sensor, and the trigger scope doesn’t show anything on trigger 2. Also, the only time it shows any RPM on trigger 1 is when I tell the software that it’s connected to a cam sensor and not a crank sensor. I’ve checked the wiring to each connector and the cable going to the crank has black, white, and shield. The cable going to the cam connector has red, white, and shield. I bought the wire looms A and B with the ECU and as I remember it those wires were pre-identified for those sensors. Jeff
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