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Det Issue 4G63

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Hi there,
This isn't really a G4 issue but I have a G4 plug in in my Evo 1.
I'm getting detonation (hearing det on link knock block) at around peak torque rpm range on wastegate boost.

Wastegate boost is 18psi. Fuel is BP 98 (fresh fuel).

Engine is very stock and only making 217kw.

Turbo is a hybrid TD05h T04E variant.

Compression ratio has been confirmed.

Base timing has been checked and confirmed.

ECT is between 85 - 90 degrees C.

Injectors (ID1000 and deadtimes have been set in the Link) have been checked and cleaned. Fueling isn't an issue. Running a DW300 in tank pump.

IAT is between 23-26 degrees C

Can't run anymore than 7-8 degrees of timing without it knocking especially in 4th gear.
could this be a timing drift issue?
Can't really get it back on the dyno easily to check timing with a timing light while its loaded up to see if it is drifting.

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I have never tuned an early evo, but the timing you are quoting is pretty normal for the later 4G63's.  Evo 5 & 6 which were around 9:1CR can only take about 8deg at 1bar around peak torque, and will be well into the negatives by 1.5bar.

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