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13B Monsoon wiring diagram

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Hi Guys, 

I've recently drawn up a wiring diagram  for my Monsoon that'll be replacing my Megasquirt, have got things ready to go, but was hoping someone could take a look at my drawing and see if you can spot any issues before I start work on the loom.


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Just a couple of thoughts to consider...

  1. Pin 25 & 34 should both be grounded to the same point on the engine.
  2. Ground the IGN1A pin C to the rotor housing.
  3. The ECU relay only has the ECU and the crank sensor connected so there will only be less than 0.5A going through that relay.  It's usually preferred to have the ECU connected to the same power source as the injectors so that it knows injector voltage and can apply the correct dead times, so I would move the injector power off the fuel pump relay and put it on the ECU relay also.
  4. This is up to you but if it were me I would have both fuel pumps connected to just one fuel pump relay.  The lift pump will only be pulling 5A or less.
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Thanks for the input, I had wired PIN 24 &25 this was because of what was written in the Installer I/O Table - 'Wire these separately, Typically one to engine, one to chassis'.The coils will have been wired to the housings, this is how they are currently and will change the ECU relay to what you suggest but might have to keep the fuel pumps wired to separate relays as the bussman board I'm using is a bit tricky to un-wire.

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