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Fuel pump control

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I am in the middle of a build on my r33 gtr and was wondering if the plugin g4 is able to be setup to pwm control a solid state relay for powering the fuel pump instead of just bypassing the FPCM and wiring the pump to run full jam off a relay at all times or is this a feature only found on a g4+?

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Yep, the G4 is not as flexible as the G4+ in this regard but there are still a few ways to do it.  

Heres how I would do it;

Set a virtual aux to "Fuel pump", we will use this to generate the "on" signal for prime and also turn off the pump when eng has stopped.

Set Aux 1 or 2 to GP PWM, set the activation condition to Virtual Aux 1.  Set the frequency and DC table up however you want.  I suggest Inj DC as one of the table axis as this is directly related to how much pump you need.  Example below would give 20% pump speed at idle, ramping up to 60% under cruise condititons, then 100% from there.


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