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Dan P

Drag friendly template for LINK MXS 1.2 Strada

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Would we be able to get some drag oriented templates with the tach being as large as possible at the center and some readout boxes stacked nicely along both sides of it...I hate to say it but Haltech seems to have nailed it with their IC7.

I find it extremely difficult to see my revs with the current templates at a quick glance while racing and just relying on the shift light isn't doing it for me.  

I realize it's made by AIM but I bought a LINK product with a LINK box and paid good money for it so I'd appreciate a response.  I brought this issue up almost a year ago and was given no solution.


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If it wasn't for the icon line and info line which just take up space that could be used to make the tach bigger and display more parameters, it could almost work.  What we drag racers want is a display with a LARGE central tach that makes the RPM obvious at a short glance and that's usually best done with a needle sweep as old school as that may sound it just works incredibly well.  The current templates that utilize a needle type tach share the screen with another gauge which make it useless due to its small size.


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