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I'm at the point in my wiring my engine harness that I knew I would get stuck at.

I have an Mazda FE DOHC engine that originally had a distributor with single coil and HT leads. Due to packaging constraints, (east/west engine now north/south) the dizzy has been modified by swapping in a sensor (4G63 NA) that now provides a home and 4 x ignition signals. This has enabled me to use a COP setup and not have to cut a hole in the firewall to fit the dizzy cap and leads.

My question is. Is pin 4 a sensor ground or chassis earth. Different documentation says different things


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Thanks Adam, so I can just tee into the green sensor ground wire that goes out to the other sensors. Should this be done as close to the ecu as possible?


Also what are the two white wires that run with each trigger wire inside the shielding for?

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