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Idle ignition table limits

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I think this may be very simple to apply in future updates of the software. The idle ignition control allowe to control idle until 2550 rpm, what is usually enough but in some touring car engines the idle sit just in that range, which make it difficult to control idle easier (we don't run IAC on this engines). If you can make that limit even higher would be great.



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I think this might just be a small change within PC Link (rather than a firmware change)  I will enquire and see if it can be done.  Seems like a high idle even for a race engine.  What max RPM lockout would you like?

Note I think you could already achieve the same function using the dual ignition table - you could set up a virtual aux so that it only activates the 2nd ign table under idle RPM/TPS conditions (your lockouts).  You can then put idle target error on the axis of that 2nd table. 

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