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Typ17 16vg60

Question for dwell time

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Hi Benny,

Dwell scatter like you have displayed here is not normal and would suggest possibly a trigger issue.  Your knock doesnt look correct either as I would expect knock level to increase with RPM/load. Can you please do a trigger scope and attach the log and .pclr here, I will take a look.  Heres a video how to do the trigger scope:  https://1drv.ms/v/s!AiYbYlZQuRHPmieMTkwQDCXEb2LY

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Thanks for the fast answer,


I'm now at work and got only one trigger log and a not aktualy map on my phone, it don't look very bad the signal. Yesterday I change my polarity from crank inductive sensor that the edge rising, it's the same quality at scope, but with change that the edge are rising at big gape let my car only cranking with bad backfire. 

So I change it back, that my car running like the log file. 

The engine running, but problem comes with boost growing and over 4000rpm with stutter like a rev limiter and sometimes it runs powerless over the 5000rpm

I se the dwell at log and wondering. 

Her the log where the car running.

The trigger log are at 4000rpm

Maybe the map are little change in fuel ore ignition but the main settings are the same. When you say what you want for a driving situation let me know it. 

Thanks for help! 




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Ok, in the attached triggerscope, trigger 1 is wrong polarity, please swap the +/- wires.  Also change trig 2 to falling edge.  The rising edge is in a bad location (near tooth after gap).  You may need to change the trigger offset by adding or subtracting 360deg after changing trig 2 edge.




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Can you share the actual log file (and map would be good too). There is not really enough info in the screenshot to conclude anything.

Your dwell scatter looks a little more than typical for a 60-2 trigger.

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