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Wasted spark confirmation g3 lem

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Question in need of and answer it may have been covered but, with what u see in the pics i have a vr reluctor sensor and have been told i need to run wasted spark is this correct. My wiring shows i run 3x ign drives split into 6 wires running into 2x link ignitors that spark 6x bosch i dividual coils. Does this look like wasted spark. Yes the wiring is dodgey i will be removing and rewiring it. Another question how do i tell the ground and sensor signal wire apart do i use a multimeter







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Yes the LEM has to run wasted as it only has 4 ignition drives.

It will be wired much like the image but inplace of the 6 channel igniter you have 2x3 channel units.

Igniter wiring will match image 

For the VR sensor I would expect you will be able to find a pinout from the supplier 


Wasted spark.JPG


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