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Different Shift Light RPM on gears on older ECU

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We have an old G3 upgraded to G4 and want to be able to have different rpm on the shift light on every gear.

This function does not exist on this old ECU like it does on the G4+


We have a switch for every gear, can we connect a digital input for every gear and then use 5 outputs wired to the same shift light ? Will this work ?



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I dont see any reason why 5 outputs connected to the same lamp wouldnt work, but there are possibly easier options.  I think you could get just one aux do 3 or 4 different gear RPM thresholds using virtual auxes.  Or, if you have a speed sensor connected so the ECU can calculate gear then you could just use a PWM 3D table, RPM Vs Gear to do it. 

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