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Trans Brake Control (Bump Box)

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There is, Adam made up this example:

In this example, the Transbrake solenoid (connected via a SS Relay) is connected to Aux 1.
The transbrake button is connected to DI1 - you can also use this same DI as activation for your two step limiter etc.
The Bump button is connected to DI2.
These buttons would be one side connected to ground, other side to the DI.

When just the Transbrake button is "on", Aux 1 will be working in the lefthand cell of the aux table and output a 100% duty cycle to the solenoid (i.e fully locked).
If you hit the bump button, the aux will jump to the righthand cell in the aux table and give a smaller duty cycle for the length of time set in the "virtual aux 1".

The only settings you should need to experiment with are the Vitrual aux "Timer 1 <" setting and the right hand cell in the aux table.  I hope I have explained what these two settings do ok with the note on the picture.





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