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Hello guys. I am appreciate your help.  I have Mitsubishi lancer evolution 5 with Vipec 88 support, and i faced with some troubles. 

1. I can't to manage idle speed, i changed sensor XX and made calibration, but still nothing. It is maintain 1100 prm, because i have HKS stroker and if lower rpm car is working instability. So, rpm goes up than down and works between 1100-1800 rpm. 

Than up and down 3-5 times and stable 1100 rpm. If you touch throttle (gas), the same story, up down 3-5 times then stabke rpm. We didn't find any problems via computer. All regulators work correctly. So, guys i am really need your help

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Thank you very much for your support. 

Unfortunetly, i can't directly open programm, because person who made me setup programming preselected password. 

I am not sure, but will try to ask it

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