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  1. Ok I made it and it works thanks you
  2. how can i make it work with tp?
  3. My engines vaccum is at low levels because of the tall camshafts and i have some issues with the map sensor. The sensors values is very low (>=80 kph sensor reads but engines vaccum is lower) and i can’t fix the map of fuel. Where i can find to adjust it to take lower values or be more sensitive?
  4. i have a suzuki swift gti 1300 1991 year and we put distrubtor of a toyota starlet gt that have sensor for camshaft and crank sensor. when we try to ignition lock and make the correct degrees i lock it, when i try to start the car again the degrees changes alone without doing anything and everytime the degrees changes and not the same way...one time alot other time less
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