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  1. Nice! Where did you put the knock sensor?
  2. Okay, so theres no way to make it behave like a new BMW, where if you dont release the clutch, while coasting it just keeps on at an engine speed that matches the gearbox speed? How configurable is the blip feature? Anything else where ill encounter problems?
  3. Hi, just signed up to ask this question. Im planning a high HP NA build for my E28 M5 with a S38 engine. I want it to feel like a more modern engine, in terms of bells and whistles. Ive got all the mechanicals planned out pretty good, but im searching for an engine management that meets my requirements, they are as follows: DBW Control Downshift blip. (revmatching) Knock control Peak and hold injector drivers. Fully sequential injection and ignition. Possibility to view live data on android device - Oiltemp/pres. EGT, AFR minimum. Barometric correction. Closed loop lambda (O2) control. EGT input. Cruise control. Would also like recommendations for what sort of actuator to use to control the ITBS. Regards Poul
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