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  1. That's what I was leaning towards, are we able to take an educated guess on whether its the intake or exhaust side of the engine due to the symptoms? or just an air leak anywhere post IAT and pre O2? I have a feeling it's bent valves but a compression test later in the week will determine that.
  2. The car has already been tuned and was running great beforehand
  3. Yeah I'm just running the stock O2 right now. Later down the track I will, but surely it should show something irregular at the moment.
  4. Hey all, I'm having trouble diagnosing a horrendous running car. As soon as it starts up idle ramps up to 1600 and it blows obscene amounts of black smoke. The plugs are sooty and it's misfiring but I'm not sure what I'm meant to be looking for in the logs (which are attached) I've noticed the O2 sensor on AN Volt 4 doesn't ever show a reading other than 0.0v although my understanding is that it should cycle between 0.0 and 0.7, which would mean that the car is only seeing a lean mixture. Could this then be a result of a faulty o2? Otherwise i'm not really sure how to interpret the log to
  5. WRXLink (5-6) G4+, 2004 EJ207 engine and trigger. Just confirmed the sensors are in fact switched around AND the car does still run (with a high idle, misfire) so I'm not actually sure what to make of this? Are there any theories on how this is possible?
  6. Hey all, just chasing a bit of clarification on launch control. My car doesn't have a factory clutch switch, so is my only way of setting up a launch control through adding a clutch switch to a DI channel or is there some other funky way that I haven't thought of? Also, will a car with the cam/crank angle sensors swapped around actually run? I have a super strong (99% sure) feeling mine are ass backwards which is leading to a misfire, high idle, and longer time to crank, but I'm not entirely sure why this would cause the high idle. In my head the car runs because it's 2:1 cam/crank ratio so
  7. I've checked the ECU pins and it switches 12v without the ECU plugged in. From looking at the Possum manual, it appears that the wire actually branches out into various places. It is meant to be connected to the fuel pump relay (there's continuity there), that fuse (FB-11) (which is in the cabin, but there's already continuity and I'm assuming the wire has a path through the dash), and to the 12v of the wasted spark ignition system, on the engine bay side of the wiring. This leads me to believe that the wire should just be the 12v to the coil from factory. As far as touching other wi
  8. Extremely useful, thank you. So this means there's likely an issue in the wiring for B136-32 somewhere where it's getting 12v when it definitely shouldn't? And as for the place for the B136-25, given the wiring runs into the engine bay I should be looking for an ignition switched power source in the bay? My understanding is that I should route it directly into the ignition switch to prevent any issues, but there must be a reason it goes to the bay from factory and a solution there would make my life that much easier.
  9. Hey all, Running a wrxlink6+ and am trying to find the real place for the B136-25 wire. The stock routing is directly into the engine bay and I'm trying to find its home from there. The wire corresponds to DI4 which is the ignition switch however the car still starts without it connected to anything? Not sure what the purpose of the wire is at this point. When putting a voltmeter on it with the ignition on it reads 12v although it is a DI (I thought this meant it fed into the ECU, not out?!). It therefore keeps the car running with the key removed if bridged to other engine bay power supp
  10. Sorry this is really confusing me for some reason. The car is starting without it connected which would imply the main relay is powered wouldn't it? If i were to connect it to the ignition switch, what is it expecting to see? 12v from whichever wire is active during ignition? Thanks
  11. Hey guys, chasing the source of a high idle on a wrx. The tune is trusted and previously was fine but I think my wiring is a bit ass about so I'm not really sure what to look for and I'm hoping there's indicators of the issue in the logs attached. It ramps up straight away to about 2000rpm and just stays there, running kinda roughly. TIA rich run and misfire.llg
  12. Problem definitely sorted, it was a mehanical issue in the end, runs beautifully. As for my B136-25 wire, can this be wired to any 12 switched power? I have found one source in the bay but it keeps the car on even with the key pulled out :/ Is there a recommended source for this power supply in the bay? Thanks
  13. My TPS is at around 20% and it's only because I had it held there, it is reading correct values. I'll attempt this ASAP, but it does have an 03 AVCS block in it that it was tuned for. Is it easier to load an 03 base map and change the software pinout to match the physical? Or do I still just load up a v5 MAP and change triggers? Following on from that, I know we can't see the triggers yet, but does it seem like there's a chance the crank position wiring is backwards at the sensor? Thanks for all your help so far, hope you had a happy new year!
  14. B136-25 on the ECU was not wired in to anything (12v input?) and I have bridged it to a 12v ignition switched power source now. Still hasnt fixed the issue. Unfortunately when I connect to the ECU the triggerscope options disappear from the taskbar, I'm assuming due to the lock on the tune(?). As for the TPS, I had the throttle a bit open and it was reading that fine, but thank you. As for spark, the car was running perfectly fine before the tune so I don't see how timing could be off there. I have also checked the timing belt again to rule out a mechanical timing issue but it
  15. Hey all, my MY99 GC8 with a WRXLink 5-6 isn't starting at all post rebuild, and I just can't get to the bottom of it. Hoping to rule out any wiring issues first as it is a custom/merged loom. It looks like there is air, mechanical timing is right, and there's definitely fuel. Of note was a weak purple spark when the plugs were checked for spark, and I feel as though that might be tied to the issue, perhaps poor grounding? The ECU doesn't show injectors turning on when the car cranks though, nor does it show ignition turning on at any point, but the car does occasionally splutter as the c
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