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  1. o might be where im going wrong its a bulb test light but i am getting power to one side of the injector plug and the other side should have power ? also when checking i have all plugs unpluged from the injectors and went from negative battery into the end of the plug when looking for pulse
  2. hey same problem but on a 4age with itbs car was running fine then just stop i have checked the crank angle sensor reading 200rpms vac and temp all reading ok also check with a light at injector plugs with all plugged both sides gets power and with them unpluged only one side of the two pin plug gets power then when crank i get no pulse i also noticed in my wirring from inj 1 and inj2 they have a big resistor wired in each line iv had this car for 3 years now but its only stopped working yesterday! also have checked the ground on the manifold i under stand that these ground out internally via
  3. after a pin out for g1 bluetop ecu trying to wire up factory ae86 digital dash and needing a rpm output signal as it requires 2 one from dizzy one from ecu thanks
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