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  1. Thanks a lot Adam. Lets see if I can make it work!
  2. Unfortunately I don’t have the original one.
  3. Adam i need to know the pinout on the usb connector on ecu board. What exactly is pin 1-5?
  4. Sorry to dig up an old thread. Any chance you have the pinout of the usb port on the ECU? I want to make my own cable cause i need a very long cable. By the way the ecu is a link g4+ plug in
  5. Thanks for the reply and help!
  6. Hi there I’m building a wiring loom for a g4+ plug in cause the loom on the car is very old. In my old loom the crank and cam sensors grounds go to pin 40. But the Link diagram don’t show any connection to pin 40. Anybody found a similar situation before?
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