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  1. Hello, what about 3-1447221-5 for 22 AWG cable? It says it´s also for AMP 1.0 Superseals. Would be suitable as 3-1447221-3 and 3-1447221-4 are?
  2. Hello, I would like to know if XtremmeX have CAN port connector-cable included in the box or I should buy It alone. In addition, reading G4x manual, I can see there is a gnd pin. Do I need to pin this output somewhere in the AIM PDM or It just enough with connecting Can1H from ECU to CAN1H PDM and Can1L from ECU to CAN1L PDM ? Thank you
  3. Thank you Adam, your help is very important to me before building my system. I need to be as sure as posible in the harness design stage to do it well
  4. Hello Adam, you said all devices should be on same bus, but my questón is. If you make via software reading with PDM from the keyboard, then you could send that information to ECU in other can bus chanel? I talk about info received to send to other bus...
  5. Thats a good idea. So I will prepare serial digital output and inputs between my PDM and ECU to different purposes, but I will work via CAN Bus. I´m doing it to prevent if CANBus give me problems.
  6. Hello everybody. I´m installing e-throttle to my link ECU G4x xtremme. I would like to know how Aux Relay Output works. Following manual diagram, I suppose when activated and working normal it closes to ground. So, I would like to know if connecting this ECU Aux output to a pull up digital input in my PDM, I could control a Power Output from my PDM to the specific E-throttle Power Supply (+14V Aux 9/10). I would like somebody helps me to uphold this. Thank you guys.
  7. Thank you both. Adam, you are like an open book!! But, G4+ and G4X have both same Can Bus protocol? I can see AIM has in their manual protocol for G4+ but a technical support man said me he cannot guarantee G4X works as well as G4+. Do you know it?
  8. Hello! I've a question, could I do same yoU did with your motec but using AIM PDM 08?
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