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  1. I reduced the min to 2% and 4% and it seems to have helped. Ill stop bothering you Adam you’ve helped enough! Thanks.
  2. Thanks for that info, it seams to have triggered something but now it’s gone! You’re a legend. Been trying to sort this for ages. Again, car starts and idles perfect now, however I’ve noticed that when it’s warm, it hunts when stopping at a set of lights, or pushing the clutch in, almost appears as if it try’s to rev up (1000-2000rpm x2 times) and hold the revs slightly after removing your foot from the accelerator. I’ve attached a video, let me know if you recommend any changes for me to make. IMG_4465.MOV
  3. Adam it starts soooooo much better mate, idle is perfect sitting at around 1100, absolute legend thank you. Only one issue, on the dash there flat tyre and DSC light will not go out now, how can I rectify that?
  4. Thanks Adam! Ill load this in and get back to you tomorrow am on cold start. Much appreciated!
  5. Hi Adam/RMW, https://www.dropbox.com/s/ux0vt37z505ffp6/PC Datalog - 2021-04-12 9%3B28%3B55 pm.llgx?dl=0 Thanks both for your reply. Ive added a log to my drop box account (due it its over 9.35mb). Ive logged my first start up this AM as well as the drive to work. Minimum clamp was on 2.6%, I raised it to 3.5% and it made it idle perfectly on cold start, you will see it corrected itself. However when I was driving, it would then hunt when it was warm when pulling up to a set of traffic lights for 5 or so seconds, then it would clear up after a few seconds. Adam, can you recommend any change
  6. Hi Vaughan, File attached Thank you for your time! idle-mini.pclx
  7. HELLO! I have a G4x plugin installed into my 2003 JCW mini cooper S. My tuner has tuned many link ecu's, and is great with them, however we have been unable to get the COLD idle smooth. The vehicle hunts badly on cold idle which is the main concern, generally 500 to 2000rpm. It takes 5 seconds or more of cranking before it starts (not the main concern, great if it can be resolved also). I have seen my tuner modify the "min and max clamp", maybe a few other settings that Im not really sure about. I can take more photos of the map, or send it to someone that can have a look for us
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