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  1. After some trial and error with the offset I got it to obviously run on all 4 with a 360deg offset. I was able to get it to a relatively steady "idle" rpm and set base timing with a 357deg offset. Is that okay or will it result in longer crank times? I wonder if I should change the position of the CAS 180 deg to achieve a more reasonable offset.
  2. I have confirmed this, cyl 1 coil sparks when testing coil 1, ect - and likewise for the injectors. Attached is a picture of the CAS when at TDC. I'm probably misunderstanding but I turned the engine over by hand and got the open slot close to the optical sensor, then rotated the engine back to TDC which resulted in rotating 360deg+ approx. 50deg.
  3. Thanks for the fast reply Adam! Yes, I have spark on cylinders 1 & 2 along with injector pulse when it's running, verifiedwith timing light and LED strip. But I can pull the primary side of the coils off or injector connectors off and no change in running condition. I was curious about the timing offset. I was able to set base timing with an offset of -2° but this doesn't match other threads I've seen where they are having an offset of roughly 270°. The harmonic balancer has marks 180° apart, it could be 180° off I suppose. That's also why I was checking on the firing order. See
  4. Hello, I've installed the furyx into my 2g dsm and I'm having issues with cylinders 1&2 not firing, it runs very poorly on cylinders 3&4 only. Setup: Denso COP wired for direct spark, sequential fuel injection, kiggly 12 tooth crank sensor, 1g dsm CAS with one of the optical slots blocked (see trigger scope attached). Checks: I've verified wiring to correct cylinders for ignition coils and injectors using a timing light and LED strip light, mechanical timing, weak coil(s) or cracked spark plug(s), verified compression.. and finally, trigger settings (see current settings at
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