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  1. Hello !! I have a Link Fury X ECU in order to manage an VR6 3.2 engine (is the one which have just one intake camshaft and one exhaust camshaft) with VVT. We are using the Trigger 1 as a Reluctor to read the Engine Speed with a 60-2 wheel and the Trigger 2 as a Hall sensor in the Intake Camshaft. To configure the Triggers, we have made it as indicated in the help, with the Trigger Mode set to Holden V6 Ecotec VVT. Right now, the VVT SetUp is set to OFF because we just want to crank the engine. The problem that we have is that when we try to crank, there is no spark in the spark plugs. We have seen that the Camshafts sensors are in the left part of the car in the VR6 and they are situated on the right side of the car in the Holden V6 engine. Is there anyone who has a configuration that works in a Link for this VR6 engine ??? I add pictures of the trigger Scope and from the configuration.
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