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  1. there is a certain amount of dithering inherent to the circuit due to the length of the exhaust between the combustion chamber and the sensor. there is lag between the injector and the sensor so the closed loop is naturally in a state of oscillating, the closed loop tuning is there to dampen the oscillation. the dithering (oscillation) is most pronounced at slower exhaust speeds (idle).
  2. I am finalizing a Thunder set up and I would like to have a datalogging active LED. Can't seem to find a easy route to this - any ideas?
  3. cwhite951

    best support

    after reading Adams detailed answers to lots of other peoples questions it is clear to me that I will have to vote for Adam (write in vote) for president in the upcoming US election! He is way better than the other choices!!
  4. well it sounded nice but it does not work. with the anti theft it still spins the engine but does not have spark / fuel. looks like i will have to go with the hard wired option and change the override switch in the engine compartment to a momentary normally on button and put it in series with the clutch switch.
  5. I am working on a track car set up with push button start/stop. I am including park/neutral signal as a safety - the catch is that I am including a remote start/stop button in the engine compartment with a clutch 'over ride' button since I can't work the clutch pedal if I have my head in the engine bay! sounded pretty easy until the clutch pedal sensor is normally on and the engine bay button is normally off. I set them up as separate park/neutral sensors but it appears that the software will only listed on one park/neutral channel. any great ideas on how to set this up?
  6. cwhite951

    dual fuel pumps

    I ma configuring a set up for dual fuel pumps, I would like to have one running all the time and the second one come on above a set boost level - any ideas on software set up for that? thanks
  7. that worked perfect. I was surprised the firmware was that old, i think I had that unit on the shelf since spring.
  8. Joshua base 8-19-20 r5.pclr I do get a canbus error on the runtime values (acknowledge error, error passive & bus warning) but if i reapply the canbus settings the warnings go away until I reboot the system. No live data shown on the dash or in the AIM software.
  9. trying to get this to work for a customer, I have it wired up on my bench to test before shipping out and I cant get the dash or hte 'live view' on the AIM softwear to display any values. Since its not connected to an engine all I was looking for is some temps and MAP values. I am not getting any. I have been through the Link and Aim set up numerous times and iust all looks good, checked the cables and they are fine. One possibility that I cant get confirmed - does the Can Bus link become active only after the engine is on line? That would explain the issue. The only other issue
  10. thanks. to get this all up and functioning I can live with the one frame per ID - that gets me 6 channels with 4 data items (at 16 bit). i'll play with converting to 8 bit and/or multiplexing when I need to (later) So if I am correct I should only have 1 stream with 1 frame per channel with each stream associated with a specific address
  11. OK, so the last detail to get the Stack and Link configured is matching up the data transfer 'channels' Stack is looking for channels and each channel has a separate CAN id and each channel is limited to 8 bytes @ 8 bits each. its a little confusing that the stack has a very limited amount of data per channel but it looks little the Link is happy to fit in huge amounts of data per 'channel'. here is what I have set up so far: Link (under generic dash/user defined) has 6 channels each with what seems to be unlimited streams and each stream with unlimited frames. L
  12. that pretty handy to know about - thanks!
  13. OK, I'm learning stuff one 'bit' at a time! I see that there is a 6 channel/stream limit but it seems to allow unlimited frames per stream - is there a limit of frames per stream? perhaps I need to fully understand the channel/stream/frame structure limitations - the G4+ CAN set up is allowing me to have unlimited streams and frames! My experience with other ECUs is that the native sensor range (say 0-5v) is divided by the resolution allowed by the bit count- so it would be .0196v per bit. if you had a 150psi sensor you would get .588v psi per bit (acceptable resolution). Same e
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