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  1. Hi! I have a Nissan Plug-in ECU wich runs the Link firmware. I would like to run Realdash via Bluetooth. Is this possible? If so, what hardware would I need? I have tried via USB and it finds the ECU but it gets an error, so maybe this is an easier route to go.
  2. When trying to input the values for the injectors it does not accept the exact values and changes them a little. What is going on, is this normal? i88 Plug-in SR20DET
  3. I have been testing a bit now. There is no problems with rich idle, i can lean it out so much that it dies if i want to.
  4. There is something about the boostcontrol that`s not right. It was boosting 1.75Bar on the dyno and above that we were having typical backpressure issuses. It made 476whp and more boost just lowered the power. The timing of this engine makes it sensitive to backpressure, we would have played around with timing on the dyno but its a hassle with this engine.
  5. Hope everything turs out alright for you Dave, you dont have to torture yourself with finishing it. We have to have the car tuned by june 5th. If you are unable to get it ready by then we will take it to a local tuner and hope that they have similar to your skills
  6. http://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/c ... 240&p2=187 Yes it says i88. I know he updated the firmware last night, maybe it has been corrected.
  7. I will let Shadow answer this one, after all its he`s car and he`s engine. I`m just the sidekick. Its a i44 plug-in by the way.
  8. What is the function of these "stages"? I have been told you can switch between two settings/tables. As you understand, we are new to Vi-Pec and need to understand the basics.
  9. It's hard to tell where we will hit the limit with this turbo, but there are several Garrett GT2871 turbos that are running at 2 bar and are having great results. The PT5128 is precision's counterpart to the GT2871 and it's natural to aim for similar performance/boost pressures. We need a pcl so we can start the car, do some fuel mapping and get it to the dyno. Both of us appreciate your help Dave.
  10. We haven`t set up the cams that way, so there is no info on valve/timing events. Our summer temperatures are rarely over 25 celcius.
  11. I know Shadow has had some trouble with adjusting the stock trigger to 15 degress BTDC, i think he settled with 12 and it was taken into account when mapping. Are there any way to manipulate that via software? When running other trigger setups like one sensor on the crank and one on a cam for sync there must be some way to set this up in the software? Dave deserves some money for beer Shadow!
  12. Why did you want to know what he`s maximum boost are going to be? Just curious, i`m a beginner to Vi-Pec myself and are trying to learn. It`s really nice that you take your time to help! And if i understand correctly you dont work for Vi-Pec, you are just a helpful enthusiast?
  13. What about on low load cruising? Are you able to lean it out?
  14. Streetcar, needs to look as stealth as possible. Of course i could mount some on the underside of the intake., but if it is possible to use the ID injectors i will choose that. I am not sure about how lean it is realistic to get it with the ID2k`s, do anyone have any input on this?
  15. I have not tested my VI-Pec yet, this thread got me worried and it seems that there are several people having this issue. I really don't want to run dual injectors, and I do really need this amount of fuel.
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