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  1. Open the tacho , find where the IG- goes and jumper the resistance between IG- and the corresponding pin on chip. After that its easy to calibrate , as 50% duty , and 1 multi Did that a week ago..
  2. Hello everyone, im in the process of swapping a 2jzgte vvti+automatic transmission from a Toyota Aristo in my Lexus is200 , the is200 is competed stock manual transmission , Is there a product that could handle the new engine with compete functionality over the dash climate controls etc , as well as the automatic transmission ? Thanks !
  3. Yes , I have APEXI solenoid in my G4 setup and works great.
  4. I am now in the process of buying an oscilloscope, however I increased trigger 2 arming values above 6000 rpm to 8 and surprisingly no trigger errors any more.
  5. Thanks for your reply Martin, I suppose testing with an oscilloscope is the only way.... Could a software oscilloscope that logs via sound card inputs etc do the job ? Oscilloscopes are quite expensive here...
  6. I increased ignition dwell from 2.8ms to 3ms and i only got ONE trigger error (misfire) while accelerating the car on all 5 gears. I'll give it a try up to 3,2ms and see if problem persists.... Incognito G what cop are you using ? Is it safe for the Honda COP to run 3,2ms dwell ?
  7. we have a 4cyl DOHC toyota with trigger 1 on crank 36-2 and trigger 2 on stock distributor. I configured the arming threshold values via accelerating up to 8400 rpm with the car parked so that there where no trigger errors. I drove the car but while accelerating with 3rd and 4th gear there where missfires around 6000rpm and trigger error counts. I increased the ignition dwell values from 1,8ms to 2,8ms and it seems much better but still not completely fixed. Should i give it a try with more dwell (3,2ms)? or should i try and fix it via altering the trigger arming threshold values ? I use Honda
  8. thank you all! It was the timing light's bug!
  9. Martin thanks for your reply ! , I'll check again this afternoon and will post results. Dave thanks again !
  10. Forgot to mention that trigger 2 is wired using stock wiring diagram (G- for ground) and there is little or no chance of incorrect polarity...
  11. We didnt verify the polarity using osciloscope or any other tool but we tried reverting the polarity on trigger 2 and the engine wont start , also we tried reverting both triger 1 and trigger 2 and the engine starts and idles smooth but when RPM rise timing mark stays ATDC and doesnt return to TDC as in my first post.
  12. Hello ! , we have a G4 Storm installed on a 4 cyl toyota engine with COP using VR sensors on crank and distributor , the setup is 36-2 on trigger 1 (crank) and 1 tooth per TDC on trigger 2 (cam) . We were trying to fine tune the trigger arming threshold using timing light and we noticed that when the engine rpm are rising the timing has some seconds of retard before moving to the mark position. we could also describe our steps as follows : A. -start the engine and let it idle -lock ref timing to 20 deg -adjust timing light to show TDC at 20 deg -light the crank pulley mark at idle speed -
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