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  1. ok i may have to see when i get to the track and use a phone gps speed app and set it that way. thanks for the help if and one else can shead some light would be good. as i want to se the gear detection up in the link c heers
  2. yeah it is reading speed but its not the correct speed just moving slowly it reading 100kph is there a was to work out that calibration to put in there as i cant drive the car on the road as it a dedicated race car. and cant get it to transmit via can to the dash ether
  3. hey all i have a s14 silvia running a monsoon with a 300zx box have the gearbox 2 wire vss speed sensor connected to digital 2 and not sure how to configure it to get it to work correctly and also not sure how to get it to send the data to my aim dash. any help would be good. the ecu is reading that the sensor is imputing data. have attached file as well jasmac tune 2020.20.pclr
  4. simonjob

    ECU change

    ok thanks this will help heaps
  5. simonjob

    ECU change

    good morning i have a monsoon ecu and was looking at upgrading to a a extreme unit an i just upgrade it and transfer my tune and all that over to it or will i need to change everything on it.
  6. simonjob

    ecu hold power

    good afternoon all just a quick question with the ecu hold power the diod in the diagram dose it have to be a 1n4007 or can i use 1n4004 ones as i have them on hand the onley diference i can see is the 4004 ones are 400v 1A and the 4007 are 1000v 1A? thanks
  7. simonjob

    S14 iac valve

    ok i have wired the sr20 iac valve in and as the manual in in the pc link said is there a way to test without running the car is this the correct plug to hook it into ?
  8. simonjob

    S14 iac valve

    Hey I have a monsoon ecu on a sr20det how do I wire in a idle speed valve for the ecu do I need to wire in both solenoids or just the pwm one?
  9. ok no problem also 2 do i want to be in modelled fuel mode or transitional mode?
  10. ok i have had a look fount the afr was set to 14.7 not 9.7 also i cant find anything in the injector setup to change to get more fuel this all i gave in there also 2 is it bet to use modelled fuel or traditional fuel?
  11. simonjob

    Boost help

    Found the problem the mac valve was dodgey
  12. simonjob

    Boost help

    I am trying to get the boost to come up using the duty cycle but I change the values in the table but no change
  13. ok yeah it is modelled fuel where do i find it in the setting to change it
  14. hey i have a small issue with my sr20det have started to tune it today and i have noticed i need to get more fuel but the fuel map wont let me it is at 150. am i missing somthing to get the fuel table down so i can add more. the car has 1650cc injectors on e85 so they should be big enough. any help would be good
  15. Hey Just a quick one can you get the monsoon ecu to control a elec water pump. Or do i just need a external controler to do it. I want to have the pump speed up and slow down to coolant temps. Also 2 what modules can i get to link with the ecu to do exhaust gas temp. Thanks
  16. ok cool thanks ill give it a go
  17. yeah i have tryed that it is locked out and wont let me do it but i think i have it sorted now thanks for all the info
  18. ok so there is no way to change the table to just use the voltages in the injector sheet table.
  19. i have a set of bosch 1650cc injectors and was wondering how do I go about entering the dead times in to the ecu I have been supplied with this dead time table but the link one has more voltages in it? do I just enter the offset in the voltages and then do the table smother out and see how it goes?
  20. hey i am installing a oil and fuel pressure sensor in my monsoon how do i go about getting the ecu to cut out if the oil pressure is to low and the same as the fuel?
  21. simonjob

    sr20 idle speed

    Ok ill give it a go and see thanks gives me a starting point
  22. simonjob

    sr20 idle speed

    hey all I have a general question with the idle speed I have a sr20 I don't run a isc valve is there a way to achieve e a stable idle with out using this function?
  23. simonjob


    yeah thanks yeah I had one set wrong
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