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  1. David, on the odd chance that you still frequent the forum, I am also doing a wiring setup the same as yours and I have a couple of questions. (and I dont have the car in front of me) The stock echo ecu has both Viti solenoid positive and negative going to the ecu, am I right to assume it’s a ground and a single output on the link ecu or does the stock setup drive both positive(advance) and negative (retard) Also how did you go about the grounds from the stock ecu wiring. I see that the cam and crank are on their own ground how about A1, A13, A14 are they a mixture of sensor grounds or something else? If you can help, that would be great.
  2. Cheers! Thanks for that, I looked at the BA help guide, just wanted to confirm that the fg was similar to the BA, i also assume this setup will run direct spark? thanks max
  3. Hi all, just looking for a bit of concrete answers before purchasing some remaining hardware for my next project, Have a FG Barra motor going into a SWB patrol, running a new link fury, I’m wanting to keep the duel VCT that the FG runs but a bit unsure of how to wire the ECU triggers up, The FG runs the single crank sensor and two cam sensors, i would assume one trigger to the crank, what about the other? And would the VCT effect the timing for the cam sensors? Effectively throwing out spark timing ect? thanks Max
  4. Can do Simon, Just using the Standard Link Map, Only changes being IAT is off, and a wideband instead of the factory Narrow band. Appreciate it! Nissan Plugin G4 RB20DET 440 With wideband.pcl
  5. i will also attach a log, The only changes are the narrow band is swapped out for the wideband IAT are turned off due to link displaying 100 Deg C figures and wiping out the timing also forgot to add, i believe it is running a 750-800 CC injector (unknown brand) Thanks Max rb non start.llg
  6. Cheers, ill give that a try, will be a few weeks before I can give it a go due to fifo work, any other ideas what It could be?
  7. Hi all, Have had a few link ecu’s over the years, never had any issues with them Recently we have “inherited” a skyline (92/93) with a link plugin with a few startup issues. We have done the steps for the ECCS sync, both trigger one and two are coming up as yes, the opening is coming up as 24 degrees. We then set base timing to 15 deg, put a timing light on the high induction coil (near the igniter) to get our timing mark near 15 degrees on the harmonic balancer we end up with an offset of around 95. on startup the engine will not start, it only backfires out of the exhaust and occasionally from the intake. but when the offset is down in the 40’s the engine stumbles to start then dies, but our timing is way off the mark. We are using the standard rb20 with 440cc injectors map, engine is as follows Rb25 9.5-1 compression (Ross pistons and rods) standard crank 254 duration cams-221 @.50 (vct delete) Aeroflow rising rate, brushless fuel pump spitfire coil packs (running wasted spark) iridium plugs Garret 48/54. ICS-1 wideband any help would be appreciated! Our overall timing is setup from the factory marks and the adjustable cams are the same.
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