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Plug in Link, case modifications for xs loom etc


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Hey all, so i’m running a plug in link G4+ S13, have 2 Xs looms and 2 canbus adapter looms, internal map sensor hose, tuning cable and 2 e-throttle wires to route, so it’s pretty busy, how’s everyone routing all these cables? through the aluminium side case or out of the steel lid? anyone have pics of a tidy installation? 

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Nothing special about mine (and not as many accessories) but I came across your post and since I've been logging today figured I'd send some pics.

I bought a gc8 wrx with a link G4+ installed. The harness, USB tune cable and XS loom come out the side of the casing through a grommet.

When I removed the ECU cover, I could see the original hole for the harness has been enlarged with some snips and the grommet has been swapped for a bigger one. It's all neat enough though as the ECU box is covered by a metal protection cover and then the carpet.

At the moment if not connected to the laptop I just coil the USB cable and tuck it under the edge of the carpet.

I'm waiting on a new OBD adapter but I'll probably just connect it to the XS cable and sit it under the stereo.






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