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Engine protection settings cutting out early


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I noticed both the map limit and rev limit have activated before reaching desired threshold. Is the software designed that way? I wanted to reach 17psi and hold it there and have map limit set at 18psi or essentially 32.7. However, when I set that map limit there, I ran engine up and it hit about 30.5 and then map limit fuel cut was activated.  


Another time I had set rpm limit to 8000 and appeared to hit rpm fuel cut at 7600 or so.  


Also, this was verified using the logs I recorded in Link.


Is there something I dont understand? 

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Turbo Pressure Control
I am working in open loop with a turbo pressure set to 150kpa, and in the map limit table I have to put 300kpa.
To prevent the car from being cut off fuel.
It would not be ideal to have a table to adjust over boost margin
and another to adjust over boost timer.
I'll be one that way
Limit pressure to 80C - 160Kpa
Over boost margin - 20 Kpa
Over boost timer - 5 sec.
Sorry about my English, and I'm not making anything new just by remembering Ray Hall.

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Most limits in the link ECU's have a "soft kick in" range. The way this works is if you set a limit value of 7000rpm, and a threshold/soft limit/starting point of 500rpm, the limiter will start to kick in at 7000-500 = 6500rpm. Depending on how much change the engine needs to start "limiting", this may mean the limit is effectively 6500rpm, or it may mean you just start losing power, and the point where it actually "limits" is somewhere between 6500 & 7000rpm. Same thing applies to MAP limits etc.

If you run everything in non-advanced limit mode I think it uses something like 300rpm and 10kpa less than your defined limits as the soft starting points. if you swap to advanced limiting settings you can tune this.

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I do not have dune 4x4 and I do most of my tuning are made roads.
Adjusting PID this way is almost impossible. For this reason give up trying to do closed loop system.
But I used Motec, Autronic, etc.
As tuning described above in the previous topic and always worked a lot.
I do not think it is right to adjust a maximum boost of 150Kpa in my car, and have to put in the protection limit table 300 kpa so there is no engine shutdown when the turbo wakes up to approximately 4000 rpms.
It generates a peak of seconds of a pressure with values close to 190kpa.
Already grateful for the attention.
I just think I got no answer on my topic.
In Rio de Janeiro, Brazil there are 10 evolution from model 5 to 10
most of them are installed by Vipec.
And now I started a project to put a Fury on an evo 10 with 6 gear mechanical shift.
Still in time if you have a closed loop table using a solenid grimm speed, it would be of great help to everyone.

Once again thank you very much

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