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Hold Step Idle Control


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So with the g4+ running in closed loop idle control there is an option for hold step. From the information in the help file I still don’t understand what this does? What does it do? What is an example of a hold mode? 

Also what do the values in the startup step table represent? Is it a percentage of base position table or a multiplier? 

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Hold step applies in the scenario where you are driving at above idle rpm (say 4k), then you put in the clutch and get off the gas - lets say you want to roll to a stop. As your revs drop, you want it to initally hold a few hundred RPM higher than idle so that it doesnt shoot staright past idle rpm and stall. Hold step is the amount of "extra" idle valve %/steps that is initally applied to catch the dropping revs, above what your idle table would normally command.

EG your idle is normally 800rpm @ 50% idle control opening. hold step is 5%. when you get off the gas from high rpm, the idle valve will sit at 55% open, which means your rpm might be say 1000 for a couple seconds then it will drop gradually down to its normal 800 (50% valve opening) over a second or 2 - exact speed depends on various idle response parameters.

Startup table is added to your base table to decide the amount of idle valve opening during startup and the first 3 seconds after startup (ie it fades out to normal idle numbers during those 3 seconds)

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