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Help with fuel iat compensation table; struggles to start.


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Hi, when I tuned my car it was very hot and the iats were in the 60c range (bad filter location, sorted now) so I turned off the iat compensation for both fuel and ignition. 

Anyway since I've sorted the filter and got a good cold air feed onto it the iats are drastically lower (20-40c) the car runs lean and feels very flat so I've turned on the iat compensation tables for fuel and adjusted to suit and it runs much better now across the rev range but now it doesn't like starting, at any coolant temperature. Sometimes takes 3 times turning ignition on and off to actually start and still turns over to many rotations than it should and then once started itll cut out if the revs aren't held to clear the fuel in the cylinders because of it. 


So anyway is there anything I can do short of retuning the car? Not really what I want to do if I can get around it imo. Before turning the iat table back on it started everytime easily. 

Here is a picture of the iat table and the engine is a honda b18. 


Any help would be great its embarrassing and annoying constantly having to turn it over and over and then hold revs once it does start. 




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