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V Engine with seperate exhaust system - lambda setup


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Hi all, Just at the exhaust and wiring stage of project...

Have a V6 24v Cosworth with Twin Turbo setup.

On this im planning on having seperate exhausts and hence will also require two lambda sensor

If using quick tune, will i be able to setup two lc-1's, or is it better to run two 3 wire lambda's for custom map?

Any advice/guide greatly appreciated

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Guest Dave-Kriedeman

I have only used 4 and 5 wire o2 sensors for tuning, Autronic A/F meter and NGK AFX meter.

The LC-1 should work OK,however you can only quick tune from one o2 input as far as i am aware.

When you setup Quick tune you need to select which analogue input you wish to use for tuning.

I have never tried to select 2 inputs at the same time, i dont believe this would work, but i have never tried.

I normally tune off one bank and monitor the second bank through logging to check the target A/F ratios are fairly balanced.

In some applications i run the Quick tune A/F fuel sensor in the balance pipe or x=over of the exhaust system and monitor A/F ratios at each bank via a left and right bank 02 sensor.

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Ahh thats handy to know thanks, i already have a spare lc-1, so might just put that in 1 bank as you suggest, run another lambda on the other bank, and maybe once its up and running and dyno'ed take the lc-1 out and run a second normal lambda on that bank to allow for the finer adjustments

Sound like a plan ?


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