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Hello there from Germany,

i got an r32 gtst with the rb20det engine. And done a big mistake. I had bought an link g4 ecu a while ago and just wanted to test it for function. I had some trouble with it because the original ecu Power Relais had no power. 

later I found the failure and fixed it and had the ignition on and tried to connect to the ecu. I don’t know which map was on the ecu but the fuel pump was running permanently and the injectors where open so my engine was filled with fuel. I noticed it a little bit to late.

then I changed the oil etc and put the original ecu back etc. Now I have the problem that the car won’t  run on all 6 cylinders. 

is there any electrical part of the Engine you guys would say it could be defect because of the ecu ? 

thank you in advance. Sorry for the bad English thou


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One thing to look at would be that the RB20DET has Injector 4 and 6 the opposite way around to RB25s and 26s. This means that if you are using a plugin ECU these injectors will be firing at weird times, to fix this go to the injector sub loom plug at the front of the intake manifold and swap the pins for injectors 4 and 6 around.

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