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Can lambda question


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I'm installing g4x pnp into my g35 adding a can lambda and just wondering if I have to run the can bus through the canpcb cable or if I can just tie it into the factory can bus? On a side note installing a boost control solenoid and just want to verify that I can fun aux 14 or aux 15 on the expansion loom as switched 12v or switch ground?

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You cannot run a CAN Lambda (or any other extra device) on the factory CAN bus, you will need to use the other CAN bus on your ECU.

All Aux outputs switch to ground by default, the only Aux outputs that can pull high are Aux 5-8 and that is only on certain ECUs, so wire one side to a switched 12V supply and the other to the Aux you are using. Aux 11-16 can't do PWM and so aren't able to be used to control a boost solenoid, you need to use Aux1-10 or a spare Ign/Inj output. Aux 8 is available on one of the expansion plugs or if your motor only has inlet cam VVT you might be able to use Aux 3 or 5 with some re-pinning of the header.

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