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Sense check - first startup..timing?


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Hi. I have a Nissan 300zx and wonder if someone could scan through my trig and map log please. Self confessed ECU noob here, but learning!

At best I've managed to get a little combustion out of her, but not started. The timing on the ECU I locked to 15deg with an offset of -345. This brought the crank pulley timing to 15degrees. I think I just can't seem to get the timing right. Ive tested all spark and fuel individually.

Injectors are 1000cc so set fuel master to 6ms. If I add fuel via master trim (10%), I could barely crank it. I appreciate any support that could be provided.



PC Datalog - 2021-09-7 2_10_44 pm.llgx TriggerScopeLog2.llgx

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14 hours ago, Vaughan said:

Have you tried a timing offset of 15 instead of -345? it is possible that you are sparking on the exhaust stroke of the engine instead of the intake stroke.

Just tried this and it barely cranks. Presumably all fuel, no spark.

Also thought I'd blast through some offsets for clues;

-180 - fast crank, no firing
-200 - fast crank, no firing
-300 - best bangs
-310 - pops
-280- pops and occasional bangs
-290 - pops
-320 - regular pops
-330 - less regular pops
60 - turns slowly no combustion
80 - turns slowly no combustion

I'm going to keep going, but concerned about endless cranking with no oil pressure.

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