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Check log file after trigger changes


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Hi Guys,

Just wanted to see if someone could glance over this tune and log file, and just see if anything unusual or wrong may be occuring?

I have just made some changes after having trigger issues (have now wired in external pull up resistor, 1k and changed cherry supply voltage to 5v)

Just want to make sure everything else looks OK. The log is after making the pull up change, but I don't think I got high enough in the rev range on this drive to reproduce the issue. Basically it was getting to 6600rpm etc, then backfiring, like it was hitting some kind of cut, but tuner told me it was trigger issues higher in the rev range as the cause. Limiter it set to around 8k I think, but never makes it, always backfires before then.

I suppose ill have to re-capture again and give it some beans this time.


2630.7z 20.09.21.pclr

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