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Closed Loop Lambda not correcting anything


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So we just got my friend's 4g63 eclipse running and idling with a PNP G4x and LINK CAN LAMBDA, but the Lambda controller doesn't seem to be doing anything. we tried stoich mode and auto mode and neither do anything. We have CL Lambda Fuel Corr % open and it says 0. 

The CAN LAMBDA is working, it's reading the values correctly but it just won't do any correciton, no errors or anything either. i uploaded the base file we go the car going on. 


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Your CLL Gain Control Table has '0' values on them. You also might want to increase the update rate on higher RPMs where there is more exhaust gas flow on the O2 sensor.

Try something like below (you might need to make adjustments depending how it reacts for your engine).


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Wait, there's more...
The ECT lockout temp should be on your normal operating temperature where there's no more cold start warmup enrichment.
The startup timer lockout should also be at least 30 secs so that the wideband controller & o2 sensor would have enough time to self-calibrate and heat-up.

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