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DSG control ...again


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Just following up some old threads were DSG support was requested. I'm aware Link doesnt directly support this, but the capability might already be in the ECU with a bit of brain power applied...?

@Adamwmentioned DSG control might be possible with a user defined CAN stream. One of the important data to send to the DSG TCU is a torque request which closely matches real engine torque numbers. Not a big deal and could probably be built from in virtual aux table. Other data for sending in the CAN stream includes:

Brake input, VSS, RPM, MAP, TPS, ECT. I believe there is also ABS and wheel speed data which could be sent, or perhaps simulated and sent.

DSG shifter mode (DIs or mapped AN input to several modes), Paddle inputs (DIs or mapped AN) for shift inputs.

The TCU also sends back a shift request that the ECU uses for ignition cut or blips.

Is there any chance Link is able to work on DSG support? My reasons are mostly selfish - I dont want to use a maxxecu or ecumaster for my next project to do DSG, rather use a Link, and I"m too dumb to figure this out myself!


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