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cam trigger problems


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Hello was wondering if anyone could shed some light on my problem I've run vipec on my engine for a year or two without a problem I've now swapped engines that has different cam and crank triggers this is where the problems starts.

None of the wiring has changed I am getting a crank signal but no matter what I do I can not get a cam signal ive changed every setting possible tried reversing the wires to the sensor and still nothing. Also not getting any movement from the rev counter but guessing that's related to the cam trigger.

Its gone from a cosworth set up so was nice and simple I just clicked on that on the menu. To now being a 36-1 crank sensor ans a one tooth cam trigger off the cam

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Hello some progress has been made I now have rev counter movement and it turns out in this engine has 2 or more length cam sensors and I had the wrong one. It now pops and bangs and getting trigger 1 errors but that down to the timing being out its on cop and finding it hard getting the timing light working dont know if the lights not working or its not sparking. And its on the two wire reluctor sensors for both cam and crank sensors.

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Is this on a Cosworth actually? Be sure to pull the triggerwires away from the high voltage areas on the engine.

You can use a regular plugwire between the coil and the plug to hook up a timinglight.

You MAY have the trigger signal 360 degrees wrong.

Not sure i get wheter you actually calibrated the timing or not, but thats one thing that obviously needs to be done.

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Hello I first had cosworth p8 managment on a engine so had the triggers for that system so when I swapped managment to vipec I used the cosworth trigger settings and it worked fine I have now swapped engine to a more modern engine with its own built in triggers.

36-1 for the crank trigger and a single point on the cam trigger

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Hi Max,

can you please post your current PCL file and your sensor information for the new engine

Trigger 1 = 36 -1= mag or hall effect

Trigger 2 = 1 = mag or hall effect.

Sequential fuel and ignition or sequential fuel, wasted spark etc.

That way Simon or myself can possibly help you out.



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