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Injector changing


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Good morning all,

Apologies for the pretty simple question in relation to other questions on here.

After wiring up and installing my V44, i opted to let the mapper do everything ECU programming wise.

Im not at a stage of upgrade and about to change my sidefeed 440 injectors to 550 injectors.

The mapper is ok to re-map in the future but i wanted to know is there an option within the vi-pec management to tell the ECU you have changed injectors and it automatically adjusts the map?

(On my nistune on the skyline, i can simply say what injectors its running and it updates the map to suit).

Need to know as about to install the injectors in the car and would ideally like to install the new ones now rather than having to re-remove the inlet manifold again in the future. Many thanks

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Hi Essexstu,

unfortunately this feature does not exist in the older V series ECU's.

The i SERIES does have this ability from FW version 5.2.2 onwards, depending on what FUEL MODEL EQUATION you use.

You could however go to the FUEL MAIN page and decrease the MASTER FUEL TRIM % to get you in the ball park for the injector size change.



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