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Toyota 2JZ E-Throttle Wiring


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Hi Guys,

I'm finishing up a custom i88 engine loom for a JZX100 Chaser with a JZS161 2JZGTE with factory clutched E-throttle and have a quick question regarding the wiring.

In the help file it states "For Toyota and Lexus E-throttle systems that have a clutch in the throttle body, wire the clutch ground to an Auxiliary Output. Set the Auxiliary Output function to either 'Test (PWM)' and set the frequency to 250 Hz, or to 'E-throttle Relay'"

My question is... If I set the clutch ground Aux Output to "E-throttle Relay", should I still be wiring an isolating relay to the Aux9/10 power supply pins?

I'm currently thinking with the clutch output assigned as the E-throttle relay, that will be the failsafe, but I can definitely see the advantages of being able to isolate/disable the Aux9/10 power feed. If the isolating relay is still required, I'm guessing I'm able to set 2x different Aux outputs both to "E-Throttle Relay"

Any advise is appreciated as I'd like to avoid having to rework this loom.



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Hi Jason,

I will have a look into this for you, never done a 2JZ DBW as yet.

The AUX 8 relay is there for as a safety feature, if anything falls outside the parameters and values of control the ECU shuts off the relay.

The DBW throttle blade then sits at default air gap, this ensures no wide open throttle jams etc.

I will try to get back to you with a response asap.

I am a bit back logged with much work at present.

One other question, are you using this same type of DBW assembly as it states in the HELP FILE this is for 3S-GTE and 1UZ-FE not 2JZ etc.



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Thanks Dave,

the 2JZ ETCS-I setup is similar to the 3S and 1U throttles but not physically identical. In factory form the ECU has the Ethrottle motor + & -, along with clutch + & - wired. Same electrical plugs/pinouts as the 1U and 3S setups though, it's not like the later 3UR throttle.

The FPS and TPS are both built into the throttle assembly and it still has a physical cable to the pedal. When the clutch is not energised the plate will only open ~10% of it's travel with full physical pedal actuation... Toyota's limp home mode :)

A few pics etc can be found here: http://www.2jzgarage.com/2013/07/etcs-i ... eshooting/

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I now know this system.

Unfortunately when I get to see it , it has the Japanese supplied lock out kit or the butterfly removed.

The Nissan TB48 also uses this very similar setup.

This is normally found on auto trans cars as torque limiting or crude traction control devices.

You will need to hook up the clutch control wires as described and i personally would use the AUX 8 E THROTTLE RELAY definately , just in case anything abnormal happens, the DBW will shut down to base factory air gap.



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Thanks again,

So with the relay also in use, would you setup both the clutch ground and the relay to be of type "E-Throttle Relay", or would you set the clutch to be "Test (PWM)" at 250Hz and set the relay to "E-Throttle Relay"

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