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Gear Input using AN Volt


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Hey Guys,

Had a V88 plug and play in my R32 skyline for a while and love it!

I have recently fitted a dogbox running a potentiometer for gear readout.

I want to run it through the v88 so I can do data logging and display on my Aims MXL Dash.

While I understand that the vipec can do gear detection from a speed signal it cannot do this if the car is stationary.

I have come up with an idea I wanted to run past the experts to see if it is viable.

Could I use one of the Analog Volt input in GP Mode and setup a custom cal table say cal table 1.

Set the input units to volts, Output units to NONE, Table start at 1 an intervals of 1.

Then configure each interval with the voltage detected in each gear.

The gearbox is only 4 speed so I would have to put stupid numbers in the boxes for 5-16 of course.

Then CAN BUS map that to the gear read out on the dash.

Or am I barking up the wrong tree and there is a better way to do this ?

id like to look into Gear cut later on aswell so if there is a universal solution that supports both id consider that!

Cheers in advance!


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in custom cal table you can change your Axis values. press "X"

and you can give values from 1 to 5, so no need for To "16" empthy.

if you know what the voltages are for each setting.

You should be able to confire whatever you whant to show :mrgreen:

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im not expert but thats how i would do it :)

press "R" in VTS

write down all values for your gears

fill up cal table (1-3) with those values and that should work.

Oh and yes, as i can see "X" is not working (its greyed out), you cant delete from 5-16, you just can fill it with ridiculously big numbers.

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