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So I've got 1994 celica GT4 (ST205) with a link G4+ plug and play, I'm always interested in learning how to do stuff myself, so recently I've been trying to teach myself how to set launch control. Can't seem to get it right, sometimes it will pop and bang and sometimes it wont and also 80% of time when I do launch it feels like it dies a little as if it needs more revs(if you understand what I'm trying to say) so any tips or tricks would help thanks. Will attach a photo with how I've got it set up at the moment


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have a look at HPH Acadamy. They have a Launch control course which will answer all your questions and gives alot of practical tips. 


If the engine bugs down at clutch or short after clutch release, you need more rpm or you have to built more boost off the line. 

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As Mapper said, HPA have online courses for the Link G4+ Software, and a dedicated course on launch control, with worked examples. Both are really good and the LC course is only $40!

If it's bogging down, you may want to reduce the speed at which it disables, and/or you're not keeping your foot at full throttle after pulling away. You've also got TP set to 90%, so unless you have your foot flat to the floor it's not going to engage, which may explain why it doesn't appear to be working all the time? The other thing to be aware of is that the LC speed references the NON driven wheel speed, so check you have that set under 'chassis and body' - 'speed sources' - 'non driven wheel speed'.

It might be worth reducing speed to 10kph and rpm to 3,000 to help stop it bogging. Maybe set TP down to 50% so that it consistently works, and see how it goes? Then you can start to increase these levels until it 

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