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Log trim.


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The new data analysis features in the G4 PCLink are a fantastic to allow a basic understanding of engine parameters. However histograms and statistics are useless without the ability to trim staging/ warming up or cooldown of the engine from the logs. It's not alwasys feasable to switch a DI while attempting to launch. I wondered if I'm missing something and there is the facility to trim both warmup and cooldown from the logs, or if this is something I should add to the wishlist? Regards, Daniel.

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Hi Daniel.

Try downloading the improved PCLink with the new logging built in to (maybe that is what you have i'm not sure), it's excellent!  I don't know if it includes what you are after, as I am not quite sure what you are trying to do.  Did you want to 'trim' like a video editing program so you can remove irrelivant data (cropping)?

Any other examples, or another peice of logging software with this feature as an example would be good, just so we can see exactly what you think we are missing.  I think the cropping idea is something already coming in the future, but I can't promise that. 



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I agree that the latest version of PC Link is very powerfull for datalogging. However without a movie like trim ability irrelivant data skews most of the displays (other than time plot where data can be ignored). The only experience I've had with datalogging is my own Java app which stored parameters in plain text and AIM Race studio. Both are easy to trim.

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