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Mass air table in PCLink 2.5?

Robert Kennedy

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Hello! We are not new to tuning, but are new users of the PCLink software. The car in question is a 2002 Subaru WRX. It starts and idles fine. It is dead lean at cruise. When it is cold, it doesn't stall but once it is warm and goes into closed loop any sudden load (such as the fans turning on) will cause it to stall. We have modified the fuel table and solved a number of problems, but those above remain. I think that if we had the ability to tune the mass air, we could address these. Can the mass air be tuned using PCLink? Any other suggestion? Thanks for reading. Bob

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Hi Bob.

The easy answer to Mass Air tuning is it cannot be done on any of our older type ECU's.  What would be helpful is any sort of identification that you can give us.

Is it a plug in or an LEM, V3, 4, 5, Link Plus or otherwise?  You will be looking for stickers on chips and possibly on the outside of the enclosure if it a wire in model.

We just need a little more to go on to suggest anything useful for you.


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