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Link Identification

Tane van der Boon

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Hi, I bought this link, (thinking it was laptop tune-able). Can you identify it for me please? http://www.trademe.co.nz/Browse/Listing.aspx?id=309661681 I really need it laptop tunable and would want antilag features if poss... Think i should just sell on somehow. But information would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Tane.

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Hi Tane.

This is definately a plug in for a V1-2 Subaru WRX (also fits the early RS Legacy).  It is not laptop tuneable as you know, but can be upgraded to PC Tune.  The comment of "has gap for anti lag chip" is complete horse sh**, as the main chip is programed with anti-lag OR PC tune depending on your desire... Which brings me to the next point.

You will not find a PC tuneable plug in this G1 range that has anti-lag, or the flip side to that, you will not find one with anti-lag that can be PC tuned.  The problem is the memory on these chips are limited, and you have to choose between one, or the other.


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