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Link G4 PNP to Racepack dash

Michael Burke

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I'm conecting my Subaru WRX V5 (MY99) lINK G4 PNP to a Racepack dash and belive I need a Display Link Tail (Can 05) from what I've been advised.

What does this do as I currently have No display on the dash coming from the link and Have to have this running by the weekend as I have a race meeting.

Can you also please provide me with a Picture of one in readyness of the weekend and another info I may need to make it work.

I'm based in Brisbane QLD Aust and getting desperate to have the car running ASAP.




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Hi Michael.

Attached is a photo of the CAN05 labled with the appropriate tags.  The Rx (recieve) should go to the Tx (transmit) of the Racepack dash, and Tx to the Rx of the dash.  Gnd will go to Gnd of course.

Dynolink (your nearest distributor) have these available, and could have it before the week is out I would imagine.  Let me know if you have no luck, but I think this should get you sorted.

Pinouts for the Racepac dash will have to be obtained from it's supplier as I do not have this information.



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Thanks for the Response Jurgen.


I have sent the detail's to my Sparky to fix soon. We are just awaiting the CAN05's to clear Customs here. I have spoken to Dynolink regarding this and they will call me as soon as they get them.

Mr race meeting this weekend is now off due to engine failure today :(

Guess I have a bit more time to get the CAN05 sorted.




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