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link wont run motor under 2000rpm

scott mcqueen

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motor is rb26/30. link g4 plug n play anyway, was tuned on the dyno, everything was all fine, noticed it didnt idle very nicely and was a bit hard to start but didnt think much of it. went to drag strip and did run down strip all fine with no hassles. went to do sencond run down strip and cudnt start it, would just turn over. managed to get it to start by tighten a loose earth wire. did second run down strip and then when i tried to do 3rd run, couldnt get it to start again. managed to tow start it and now it wont rev below 2000rpm. starts perfectly fine on standard ecu and idles

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Hi Scott,

What it was probably doing was picking up the second widest slot as well as the widest slot, so effectively 2 syncs which would definitely cause problems.

It is probably worth doing the ECCS test function to accurate measure your widest slot, if you're using the RB30 sensor it could be different again.


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