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it would be great if it would be possible to ad few more tables for instance: 1.while als/launch is on -to have a diffrent table for vvt -on engines that have this feature(mivec-avcs...) so you can have one setting while of als and diffrent one while on als -this would help lot of people involved in rally, because this ecu is fantastic for gr.N cars and would be best if a few small features can be added. 2. in the launch control menu to have a small table for Wastegate duty cycle (master table or at least a trim(simple 2D table duty vs rpm will do the job) while launch is active to control the boost, as people seem to foget that while on launch - you have a wdc value which is for normal conditions boost table(basically you need diffrent values for this situation) - i used a ecu that had this and it's fantastic- no matter if you use this for drag, rally....will stres the turbo, engine transmission less because of less agressive timing, cut needed

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Ok, i understand Is it possible to use a virtual switch for this alternative boost table? Because it only needs to be active as long as launch is active and after launch becomes disabled the bosst tabele should rewert to normal, that is why a simple 2d wdc/rpm is needed (tps is 100 % while on launch) maibe like a 4d overlay just for 100tps line. Active under certain speed/ or launch conditions Thank you, please let me know what you think

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