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old mans ke70, 3sge itbs, irs and xtreme g4x

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heya peeps.  


my name is Pat. and this be lolla.


my skills reside in the fabrication side of things, ecu and trickery are not my talent. lol.  this build was a long time coming, having owned the car since 2008.  i got very sick in 2014, being left permanently disabled.  the car build became a rehab and mental health project as much as anything.


she has a mongrel 3sge gen 4 beams engine.  converted to rwd using a mix of factory gen5 bits and custom fab.  using blacktop 20v throttles and now a link xtreme g4x.  this ecu was made possible by a good friend derek who convinced me to abandon my old adaptronic lol.  We also gave the fuel system a birthday with new inj and fuel pressure snesors.  Running of his 4age blacktop tune, it was remarkably well behaved.  His engine is a very stout 1.6, so we figured pretty close in total throughput to the bigger 3sge, using the same throttles, similar vvti etc.  it wasnt until we did some real hard low load stuff on the road tunning that we saw big changes needed in the tune.  She also has a nissan s15 rear suspension cradle and irs fitted, with s13 hubs for the 4 bolt (the wheels were always staying).  This was done using a fabricated chromemolly cardle narrowed o fit the stock diff width of 1410.


Currently im working my way through learning about canbus .... trying to get realdash up and running to replace the janky cheap windows tablet i have currently.



lolla road.jpg


lolla engine.jpg

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